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New Song

Haay guys!

Okay, I'm writing because of I have written a new song. But you could read that in twitter.com too, because of an entry I made.


Well, these song is called 'It's Enow'. I dedicate the song to my soon-to-be-kin  LillyBe. Yaay maybe you wanna follow her on twitter. http://www.twitter.com/LillyBe

I have some news. I have send the songs 'It's enow' and 'Lovesong at the sunset' to 'Jonas Brothers', a band. I asked 'em if they like it and if they have an idea for a melody. So I could play that on guitar and you can listen to that, soon. But only if they write back. I hope that they will...


Lilly and I have a new homepage



I hope you like the new song, want to follow LillyBe on twitter and have a look on our new hopepage.

And I hope you will give me a feedback.



Best wishes and love. <3


22.7.09 20:25


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