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Some words.


Well, it's a little bit ago that I wrote. I'm sorry. But I was away. Holidays, you now?

'Kay. I haven't so much to tell you, I just wanted to say that I have written two new songs.


The one's called 'Lovesong at the Sunset'.

The other is a relevant song for me. Yaay, I know that it's in german, but that was the song I sang whileI played guitar in front of circa 70 people. It was amazing. They said I'm singing and playing guitar very good, but I don't think so. And the song isn't as good as the others, too. But I have written it in german 'cause there where some kids who don't understand english and the people there said everyone have to understand it.


Yaay, 'kay. That was everything I had to tell you.

I hope you will give me a feedback.


Thank you for reading.

much love. <3


17.7.09 15:48


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