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New Entry.

Okay.. well.. at first: Haii. :]

This is the first new entry, 'cause I deleted the old ones, because I deleted every site of that page to change the topic of my page.

Now I will upload all the songs and poems I ever wrote or will write in the future. Some songs are online.

They are called:

'Just a Feeling.'


'Both of Them.'

And I loaded a poem up.

It's called:


It's in german, but if I'm bored I will translate it into english. :]


I hope you like my homepage and give me a feedback at the guestbook or you'll write a mail to me. So you have to click on 'Contact.' ;]


best wishes and so much love. <3

Faylie. (In german you would say 'Feli', but for all english and american people I'm Faylie so you can say it right.)



4.7.09 02:56


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