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New Songs.

Hay guys!


There are two new songs you can read. (:

The one is called "Rock on." It's a song I have written with my sister Aylin. We have written it for the Mitchel Musso #1FAN contest. (:

The second one I have written today.

Hope you like it..


Love you all.<3

Best wishes.


19.10.09 21:42



Hay guys!

It's a long time ago since my last entry! xDD

Okay. There are two new songs.

"Fly With You"


"Fall In Love With You".

Hope you like them.

The song "Fly With You" is the song I'll record. I'm searching for some guitar tabs.. but theeeeen I'll sing it and you can listen to it! (:


Love you all. <3

Best wishes.


14.10.09 21:20


Hay everybody!

It's a long time ago that I have written [ I guess I write that every time..^^].

Here's a new song called "Feel The Pain".


But I don't know how I should feel at the moment..

have to think about it..


love you all.



9.9.09 21:29


Hey everybody!

It's a long time ago that I have written a new song, but now there's a new called "Forever". I dedicate it to one of my best friends Lilly. She's amazing. Love her and won't loose her.



Hope you like the new song. And maybe you've an idea for a topic I can write about. So say that and maybe I'll write about.




Much love


Best wishes.




20.8.09 14:53

Sorry, I'm in heaven.

Hayu everybody!


Well, I'm not in heaven, but that's the song I have written some minutes ago.


I hope you like it and there won't be many mistakes.


Hope that you'll give me a feedback.




Best wishes.


4.8.09 22:44

Candle's Light

Hayu everybody!


I have written a long time ago, I'm so sorry, but I have holidays, so I miss the school, 'cause the best ideas I have had in school, so it's harder to write songs with texts which are okay. 


 But now I have written a new song called 'The Candle's Light'. I hope you like that songtext and give me a feedback.



Have to go now. I'll eat ice cream, 'cause here in Steinfurt (Germany) it's very hot.




Love you all.

Best wishes.



4.8.09 17:20

New Song

Haay guys!

Okay, I'm writing because of I have written a new song. But you could read that in twitter.com too, because of an entry I made.


Well, these song is called 'It's Enow'. I dedicate the song to my soon-to-be-kin  LillyBe. Yaay maybe you wanna follow her on twitter. http://www.twitter.com/LillyBe

I have some news. I have send the songs 'It's enow' and 'Lovesong at the sunset' to 'Jonas Brothers', a band. I asked 'em if they like it and if they have an idea for a melody. So I could play that on guitar and you can listen to that, soon. But only if they write back. I hope that they will...


Lilly and I have a new homepage



I hope you like the new song, want to follow LillyBe on twitter and have a look on our new hopepage.

And I hope you will give me a feedback.



Best wishes and love. <3


22.7.09 20:25

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